Reasons to Dress Up Your Dog

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How one dresses creates an image and impression of one’s character and personality. The same can be applied to animals. Using dog clothing, we can present a style that shows our dog’s true nature, change perceptions, and destroy misconceptions.

The dog apparel featured in this video can be purchased below.

Slide 13: Dress Biker Plaid Harness by Doggles

Slide 14: Pink Poodle Designer Dog Dress by Doggie Design

Photo credits and special thanks ~

Slide 11 – pitbull wearing a crown of flowers from SOPHIE GAMAND PHOTOGRAPHY:

Slide 16, happy dog wearing a bowtie, from istolethetv

Slide 21, golden retrievers in kimonos, from Nahomilly:

Slide 25, dog as snow white & slide 26, princess dog giving a high-five from Petful:


Music ~
“Dog and Pony Show” by Silent Partner

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