Dog Essential Clothing Guide

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The necessary basics.

Possible Essentials

They could include:

  • socks, for when their paws get cold inside or to serve as an extra layer if shoes or boots are not enough,
  • sweater, sweatshirt, hoodie, tank, or t-shirt, for when your furpal feels cold inside, or for a walk in the Autumn or Winter.
  • googles for water or when driving so that debris does not get into her eyes.

Your friend will not need all of these all of the time, but these are good basics to have when it comes to protecting her from the weather and the environments.

Or in the case of buddy bands, to help her if she has anxiety, illness, or she is getting older in age. The band also helps you as the pup parent as well. Any time she has an ‘accident’ it will be in the buddy band and not on your sofa.

And to answer the age old question: Do Dogs Need Clothes?


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