So Corny! Yes to the Corn, but Hold the Cob

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So what’s the deal with corn?

There are debates on both sides of the fence on whether corn is all right for the dog to eat. A few kernels of corn will not hurt your friend, and our buddy looks adorable chomping away (just don’t let him chomp too much!). What isn’t so good for him is the cob. Sure it looks like a great chew toy that can keep our buddy busy, but it’s the kind of chew toy that keeps on giving … in a bad way.

How can a corn cob hurt my dog?

When you dog breaks off pieces from the cob, they move through his digestive system. If your dog is lucky, these bits are small and benign enough to just ‘pass through’ without a hitch. If not, they can cause discomfort, or worse, get lodged in the intestines. Blockages can damage the blood supply to the gut or cause the bowel wall to rupture. And they will require surgery to remove.


Yes to the kernels, no to the cob.

What are some signs of intestinal blockage?

  • vomiting
  • dry heaves
  • diarrhea (or straining)
  • anorexia
  • painful abdomen
  • lethargy

Help! I suspect Fido got cobbed!

Call your vet immediately. It could be a wait-and-see situation, or your vet may want to examine your friend right away to see the extent of the damage and to determine what to do next.

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