Trick to Keeping Your Dog From Eating His Own Poop: Pineapple!

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Dog just ate something bad.

This is a Condition Known as Coprophagia

When your dog’s system cannot completely absorb the nutrients from their food, those nutrients end up getting excreted. Your dog will try to get those nutrients again by eating what they just pooped out. A possible cause of this could be a weak digestive system.

How Pineapple Can Help Beat Coprophagia

Pineapple may affect the taste of feces, turning your pal away from eating it. However, the real advantage of pineapple is its ability to help with digestion. It also contains the enzyme bromelain that helps with the decomposition of protein, making it easier to absorb. Since the majority of a dog’s diet is based on protein, pineapple allows dogs to better absorb the nutrients.

How to Serve

Remove all of the outer skin of the fresh raw pineapple and feed 2-3 pieces a day. Do not give your buddy canned pineapple. The canning process destroys the bromelain, plus a lot of unhealthy sugar is packed in. Or try pineapple juice (with no sugar!) As always, please check with your vet as he or she will know how much your dog can and should take.


Fresh raw pineapple.

Super Nutritious

A great source of the vitamins B, C, and thiamin (which produces energy), and the minerals magnesium and manganese (the latter helps strengthen bones).

Other Benefits

How about cancer prevention and working as an anti inflammatory? Bromelain lessens joint swelling and studies have shown it to be able to shrink tumors. Pineapple may also help with the pain caused as a result of chemotherapy. Speaking of inflammation, pancreatitis is a severe inflammatory disease. If the liver becomes affected it could cause bile to move into the pancreas. Along with a fat reduced diet and pineapple’s help in improving your pal’s digestive system, your dog’s overall health could improve.

Inflammation can also occur when your dog gets hurt or from arthritis. Remember, pineapple is only a part of the solution. With medication, weight control, proper nutrition, and exercise, your friend’s quality of life will significantly improve.

Now how do you like them apples. (Get it? Corny, I know!)


You knew this was coming. As with all human foods you have to monitor how much you give your furpal. Pineapple itself contains a lot of sugar. In addition to the health complications from too much sugar intake, eating too much pineapple may lead to diarrhea.

More Information:

Can Dogs Eat Pineapple? Yes, in Moderation

Note: This article is for information purposes only and is not intended for medical advice. Please consult your veterinarian on your dog’s health needs.

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